First Christian Church and Grace Presbyterian Chapel

God is doing a new thing!

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The Unity Project

We are a diverse people who come from various backgrounds, including theological and denominational experiences. As members of First Christian Church and Grace Presbyterian Chapel, we seek to be faithful to God's movement. 


It is an exciting time for our churches as we seek to be faithful and to hear and respond to the needs and desires of our church memberships, the community of San Angelo, and beyond while also following God’s movement.

DoC and PCUSA Theology and More


More Infromation  


In worship we seek to honor traditions and theological perspectives from both churches. As members and guests, we invite you to be open while also holding true to the things that are most sacred to you in your faith journey. 


If there is an element of worship that is not meaningful to you, or challenges you theologically, we encourage you to engage in conversation, be curious, and ask questions. Ultimately, if something in worship is not helpful in growing your relationship with Jesus, we invite you to use that time for prayerful reflection. Our goal is to create room for a diverse community of believers while uniting over the essentials, our joint faith in Jesus.


We practice weekly communion and an open table; ALL ARE WELCOME! The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) comes from a background that claims “no creed but Christ” while the PCUSA church practices several creedal statements. In our effort to create room for everyone, on occasion we include affirmations of faith in our worship. However, these faith statements are not a requirement to be in relationship with us or to participate in worship.

Denominational Identity

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three phases

We are currently in the effect phase... 

Experimental Phase:

Gather data, share responsibilities, try new things in worship/program life/decision making, and create a feedback loop and evaluation. 

Exploration Phase: 

Use data to construct a possible model for "yoking". During this phase we will do pastoral check-ins, host workshops (in person and virtual), deliberations on legal matters (by laws, leadership formation, etc.), and denominational communication and possible participation.

Effect Phase: 

Communication results of our work with churches and seek blessing from members and buy in from region and presbytery (regardless of decision and next phase). 

We will end the six months with a special celebration of decision and blessing of ministry.


Grace: John Ballard, Randy Gardner, Victor Probandt, and Rebecca Webb

FCC: Trish Aylor, Carla Hallman, Jon James, and Shirley Robison

Ministers: T.J, Esther, Mary Beth, and Suzanne

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Meeting Notes

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Notes from 9/7

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Notes from 9/28

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