Sunday School

Sunday School is at 10:00 AM! 

We offer a variety of Sunday School classes for our church to explore, learn, and dive deeper. 

Some of these classes are stand alone classes that will last between 3 to 6 weeks and may include

Bible study, art making, mission work, book studies, and much more. 

Come and join us!

  • Children and Youth Class

    We offer a number of Sunday school opportunities for children and youth. During the 10:00 AM hour, we will have two children's Sunday school classes with age-appropriate lessons and activities (for Pre-k to 5th grade) PLUS a Junior High/High School “hangout time.” The "hangout time" is a time for fellowship, weekly check-ins, and casual conversation. 

    - Children's classes are held in the kid's wing on the first floor. 

    - Youth meet in the youth lounge on the second floor.

  • open door class

    Generally, this class is based on the Bible but without canned lessons. The theology is intended to be broad enough to be receptive to all Christians with varying understandings. The goal of this class is to learn something new or see something from a new and different perspective. 

    For more information or if you have any questions, reach out to Greg Gossett.

    Located in room 216

  • Bible Study

    Are you searching for a class that delves deep into scripture? Come and join our Bible study class! Every week, a different student leads the discussion, offering unique insights into different scriptures. It's a wonderful chance to enrich your theological journey and enhance your understanding of the Bible.

    Located in room 210

  • Cultural Connections: 

    Exploring God Through Art and Dialogue

    Join us for an eight-week Sunday school class beginning on Sunday, April 7, as we delve into the theme of "God in Culture." In each session, a church member will present a song, movie clip, poetry, artwork, or another form of expression, linking it to a relevant piece of scripture and leading a theological discussion.

    Participants will rotate in bringing snacks to share during the class. 

    If you are interested in volunteering to lead one or more discussions, reach out to Kelly Squyres at

    Located in the fellowship hall.