Our Children and Youth

We are dedicated to supporting young people in their faith. Through education, fellowship, camps, mission programs, and special events, we help youth create their own intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Church On Wednesday

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Below is programming the children and youth will follow through COW:

This spring we are taking our children and youth through a rotational model where we will spend the first four weeks of COW creating deep roots to our faith. 

Each week will consist of a brief devotional and introduction and then a station related to the week's theme. The stations include: Mission, Craft, Lesson, and Games! 

If you are interested in helping out with the children or the youth,

contact Marshall Breedlove at marshallbreedlove@fccsanangelo.org.

You can also go HERE and see/register for the dinner menu!

This is the layout of the day:

5:30-5:50 - Opening Devotional

5:55-6:20 - Station

6:30-7:00 - Dinner

Family Night

We also gather once a month for a Family Night. These gatherings allow families to deepen their relationships within the group while also exploring and participating in what the community has to offer.

Our Youth