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Update: Church Wide Renovation Project

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Saying Yes To God-Sized Dreams

The Table

The new heart of the campus where everything connects. This will have a coffee and beverage bar, and be set up as a place people can connect on Sunday morning and throughout the week.

the sanctuary

Updating the historic sanctuary to meet needs of both traditional and contemporary worship styles utilizing technology. The space can be used in many configurations for special events. 

the backyard

An invitational outdoor space in the heart of downtown San Angelo.

the chapel

An intimate venue for smaller services, an art gallery, or other various events.

The Storehouse

A flexible ministry center space for use as a dining hall and more importantly, a permanent food pantry. This grocery store will offer a positive shopping experience for clients while they select items for their families. This expansion and improvement to our food pantry will communicate to the church and to the community that FCC is fully committed to this ministry.

The Garden

An outdoor gathering space for smaller events and an outdoor extension of The Table.


Update the current Children's wing with a fresh look and possibility of serving as a daily Pre-School to meet a community need and introduce new families to the campus.


Expanding the upstairs space for student ministries to include a space for worship and fellowship, as well creating a coffee/snack bar out of the existing upstairs kitchen area. 

Capital Campaign 2020

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A God-Size Dream


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